Our ROSE project stands for Reaching Out on Sexual Exploitation, supporting young people throughout Norfolk, who have been affected by child sexual exploitation.

About us

Our dedicated team - consisting of CSE & Therapeutic Practitioners, & Outreach Worker - provides a range of specialist services to young people who are affected by child sexual exploitation (CSE) in Norfolk.

For free, confidential support call: 0808 800 1037

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What is CSE?

CSE is often hard to spot as the person causing harm will often appear as a friend or boyfriend/girlfriend, especially to start with. They may be an adult or another young person, and it can happen to any young person. These relationships may start online or in person and often meet a need of the young person, this could be affection or being there for them emotionally. However they begin to manipulate, persuade or encourage the young person into doing sexual stuff, this could be sending sexual images of themselves. It may seem as though it is the young person’s choice but wherever there is manipulation, threats of harm to the young person, their loved ones or the abuser themselves, or perhaps pressure or unequal power in the relationship, it is sexual exploitation. Young people may have become isolated and withdrawn from family, friends, school and other support. People who harm young people in this way will sometimes provide them with affection, drugs, alcohol to maintain control over them. Young people are often blamed for making ‘risky choices’ or not removing themselves from the abusive situation however it is never the fault of the young person, rather the abuser.

The Rose Project’s newly-revised & updated CSE booklet – “Exploitation – is it happening to me?” – can be purchased from us, priced at £1 per copy. Please contact the office – vivienne@magdalenegroup.org or 01603 610256 – to order.

Exploitation... Is it happening to me?


What we Offer

We offer a range of specialist services for young people.    We also offer intensive support to young people who have been harmed by child sexual exploitation.   We offer preventative, early intervention services including drop ins and group work around raising awareness about issues that affect and harm young people.   This can include grooming online and offline, sexting, sexual exploitation, healthy/unhealthy relationships, sexual health and more.


We are a voluntary service. We work with Children’s Services and Norfolk Constabulary to ensure that young people are getting the support they need.

In 2018 :

  • 256 young people have accessed The Rose Project

  • 643 face-to-face sessions have taken place

  • 699 1:1 sessions around CSE work have been conducted

  • 189 return home interviews & missing support work sessions have taken place

Raising Awareness

The Rose Project is passionate about informing people about recognising Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) to ensure that young people are protected and harm is spotted and reported. Young people should never be blamed for the abuse and harm they suffer. It is never their fault. We want to raise awareness and challenge victim-blaming language and attitudes in society.

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