Our Annual Report in 60 Seconds

Every year we work incredibly hard to offer help, support and advice to as many young people as possible. Through a range of programmes and services, we aim to educate young people about CSE, offer support to young people affected by the issue and raise awareness of child sexual exploitation wherever possible.

If you’re interested in the vital work the Rose Project does, take a look at our 60-second rundown of what we’ve achieved over the last twelve months.

Workshops and education – The Jigsaw Programme

Alongside the important work Rose does with young people affected by CSE, The Magdalene Group’s Jigsaw Programme helps educate young people in a bid to prevent exploitative relationships.

One of the most effective ways of preventing CSE is education. The more that young people know about the issue, the more able they’ll be to spot the warning signs and keep themselves, and their friends, out of harm’s way. By holding regular workshops throughout the year, we have been able to reach a large number of young people, informing them about the dangers of grooming and CSE as we go.


Over the past year, we’ve helped more than 90 young people affected by child sexual exploitation. By providing emotional support, therapeutic interventions and befriending sessions, we’ve been able to help these young people to escape dangerous situations, rebuild their lives and regain their confidence. This year, we’ve developed and expanded our therapeutic befriending sessions using therapeutic tools to enable young people to process their experiences and move forward in their lives.

Multi agency collaboration

As anyone who’s been touched by CSE will know, child sexual exploitation is a complex issue. Not only are there criminal elements to each case, there is also long lasting emotional and psychological fallout. By working closely with police and other related agencies, we’ve been able to create a comprehensive support network. This means that, as well as working with the police to bring offenders to justice, we’re able to help young people get their lives back on track.

Return Home Interviews

There are lots of reasons that young people go missing, young people may go missing to get away from situations at home or school, such as bullying, abusive home environments or running away from care. Young people may also not necessarily be running away from home, but towards people or places like

friends, family or inappropriate boyfriends/girlfriends. So, over the past year we’ve continued to offer ‘return home’ interviews to young people who are reported missing to enable them to talk about any problems they may be facing and to put in place support to prevent them going missing again. These interviews also continue to enable us to spot any signs of Child Sexual Exploitation as they talk about their missing episode. This information is shared in order to safeguard the young people and appropriate support is put in place. Where there are concerns of CSE we aim to build a long-lasting relationship with the young people we support.

Helplines/live chat

To make it as easy as possible for young people affected by CSE to get in touch, we run a free, confidential helpline and operate a live chat service from our website. The live chat feature is especially important as it allows young people who may not have the opportunity to call to get in touch.

If you’d like to find out more about the work we do, or if you want to talk to someone about CSE, give us a call on 0808 800 1037.