Truth or Myth

There are lots of myths out there around STI's, contraception and pregnancy it can be difficult to know what is the truth. Here are a few truth and myths that you may find interesting!

See if you can guess them right...

Girls cannot get pregnant during their period?

MYTH: There is a chance girl can get pregnant when they are on their period. Once sperm is in the vagina it can stay alive for several days. Any time you have unprotected sex without contraception there IS a chance you can get pregnant.

You can get rid of all STI’s if you catch them?

MYTH: if you catch a bacterial STI it can be treated with antibiotics and the infection will leave your body, however if you catch a viral STI it is treatable but cannot be cured therefore you cannot get rid of all STI’s once you catch them.

I will always be able to tell if someone has an STI

MYTH: not all STI’s have symptoms therefore visually you will not be able to tell.

You can take the Morning After Pill (Emergency Contraception) up to 5 days after having unprotected sex?

TRUTH: yes, the Morning After Pill can be taken up to five days after unprotected sex, however the longer it is left the less effective it is.

You cannot catch an STI if you are on the pill?

MYTH: the pill will only protect you from pregnancy, it will not protect you from STI’s.

I can only go to my doctors for an STI check?

MYTH: you can also go to the iCash for a full STI check and contraception. If you are over 16 and have no symptoms you can order a postal express test online from their website.


You can get pregnant if you have never had a period?

TRUTH: you may ovulate 14 days before your first period, so it is possible to get pregnant before you have started your period.