1:1 Support

  • We work with young people to support them to understand what happened/is happening to them, and to recognise exploitation.

  • We work with them to rebuild their sense of who they are, their self esteem and to move on with their lives.
  • We support young people to understand what healthy relationships look like and what they want from relationships.
  • We are all trained to support young people with their sexual health and accessing services including the C Card (condom scheme) and to support them in understanding their rights as a young person and in relationships.
  • We help young people with safety planning skills and to have confidence to have the kind of relationships they want to have, whatever these look like, online or in person.
  • We support young people around internet safety and discussing with them the benefits and the things that worry them about using social media and the internet.
  • We work with young people to design the support they want, for example, some may need support to get counselling or support with their mental health, others to get back in school or work, or with moving care homes.
  • We support them to work out what they want to happen next in their lives and to help them to move on.
  • Sometimes this involves getting justice for what happened to them in the criminal justice system, however this is always the young person’s choice and we never put pressure on them to do this.

“This has really helped me to understand what’s good and bad in a relationship and that I am equal to my partner. It has also given me a chance and space to talk openly without feeling judged.”