We have run a service, for young people who have gone missing, for 7 years.

What does "missing" mean?

“Anyone whose whereabouts cannot be established and where the circumstances are out of character or the context suggests the person may be subject of crime or at risk of harm to themselves or another”
(Association of Chief Police Officers, 2013)

Every year 140 000 children and young people are reported missing.
(Missing People, 2017)

What young people said about our service :


“I now see that I could have been hurt when I was missing, I would tell someone where I am going next time.”

“I couldn’t have had those conversations with my social worker, it was easier to talk to her.”

“It would help me get back on track. It got me speaking to my parents more about things that have been happening and actually I feel like it has bought me and my mum closer.’

For free, confidential support call: 0808 800 1037

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Return Home Interviews

We offer return home interviews (RHIs) to young people placed in Norfolk from other local authorities. We talk through what happened when they were reported as missing and support the young person with safety planning and any support they may need. We can complete the RHI and any follow up targeted support sessions on a spot purchase basis .

Targeted support

For young people who go missing repeatedly, we offer targeted support around missing. We might identify that they need follow-up sessions after the RHI, to offer further support around accessing other services, such as housing, education & sexual health, amongst other issues.