Every week a team of three provide an outreach service on Thursday/Friday evening from 9 pm until midnight to engage with women who are street working and to make them aware of our service.


We offer practical and emotional support, advice and crisis intervention and build positive relationships leading to women accessing our drop in for more focused support and intervention.

A quote from Maggie, a service-user

“I’ve never had any family, I was in and out of care. I was raped as a teenager and I felt so ashamed like it was my fault. A friend got me into having sex for money and I was around sex workers all the time. I came to Doorway after I met them on the block. I was feeling so miserable, they offered me a coffee, I talked and talked about the gear, prison and losing my boy. They just listened, really listened. I feel unjudged and always welcomed, not ashamed.
If it didn’t exist a lot of women would have no one to turn to, no one to care.”